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What is activewear...also commonly known as dancewear?

Defining Dancewear:
There is a selection of items of clothing, shoes and accessories commonly worn by dancers that are referred to as dancewear. The types of dancing covered by the term dancewear include ballet, jazz dance/ hip hop dance, and tap dancing or jazz tap as well as liturgical and ethnic dance. Actually, for comfort and freedom of movement, dancewear can't be beat when you are engaging in almost any type of physical activity or workout. Dancewear is built tough to take the abuse doled out by physically active individuals who demand performance in their clothing. Typically, most dancewear brands of clothing stand up to the test of multiple washings and years of abuse while providing maximum comfort and freedom of motion. Dance basics styles are readily available, while dance fashion styles are typically seasonal. So, if you see a fashion style, you may want to buy it right away before it is discontinued.

Certain types of dancewear have also become popular as fashion items with the general public, as dancers are very inventive with their clothing styles.
Ballet slippers are well known items of dance footwear. Choose from leather or canvas, split soles or full soles, depending upon your level of technique or personal preference. Pointe shoes, or toe shoes, are for the more advanced ballet dancer or ballerina, but were originally worn by male dancers in 15th century court dancing. This type of dancing is one of the classic attractions of ballet which demands great skill and strength.

Tap shoes are worn for tap dancing which is a highly rhythmic and percussive dance form that has a background in traditional folk styles and street dancing.
Tap shoes incorporate small metal plates on the heels and toes of the shoes which create a tapping sound. Before the advent of commercial taps, many tappers would line the toes and heels of their shoes with pennies tacked on for the same effect. So in addition to being dance shoes, tap shoes are musical instruments like castanets or drums that are played by the tap dancer. Think of creating percussive sounds with your feet in with a rythmic or imrovised pattern or both.

Tights are a popular item of dancewear. They are a form of duriable pantyhose or tight trouser that fits closely to the body. Constructed from varying thichnesses of stretchable nylon or man made fabrics, they are ideal for dancers and athletes for many reasons. They accentuate the legs, show the feet, and give freedom of movement. Tights are usually made of nylon, cotton or lycra, or blends of these materials. Tights can be footed, unfooted, or with a stirrup to keep them from rolling up the leg. Convertible tights are also available which allows the dancer to wear them as full soled tights or footless. This style is one of the most popular among all dancers and performers.

Legwarmers are like long footless socks made of knitted fabric, and are used by dancers to keep their leg muscles warm and so avoid strain injuries to their muscles, ligaments and tendons. Legwarmers are available in many styles and lenghts including shorter styles for children. This is another item of dancewear that has become a fashion item with the general public.Check out our legwarmers in our accessories pages. Look for the irresistably cute styles from "Baby Legs".

Leotards (named after their inventor...a famous French acrobat of the same name who was born in 1839... now also known as bodysuits) are a one-piece items of clothing that covers the body but not the legs. Form fitting and usually worn with tights, leotards can be long-sleeved, short-sleeved (cap sleeve, short sleeve or tank style), or without sleeves(tank or camisole style). Leotards are popular dancewear items, used both as practice garments and performance costumes. Unitards are like leotards and tights combined. They cover the legs and sometimes the arms too. In addition to being a popular item of dancewear, unitards are also worn by rock stars, wrestlers, circus performers, gymnasts and acrobats.

A tutu is a "fluffy" skirt worn by ballerinas for ballet performances. Tutus that project out horizontally are known as pancake tutus, and need to be carried in a special round bag to maintain their correct shape. Other types of tutu can hang down, and these can be carried in normal clothes bags. Both pancake tutus and hanging tutus can be made in single or multiple layers. All of these dancewear items can be bought here on our website, where you can browse the items you are interested in. Whether you are a professional dancer or a student, you will find something to suit your needs and we have a huge selection of styles and great values for everyone...not just for dancers!
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