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Discount Dancewear & Dance Shoes, Cheerleading & Gymnastics Supplies
Huge selection for Dancers, Ballroom Dancers, Gymnasts, Cheerleaders & Athletes! Best Prices!

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So you think you can dance? You need dance shoes, dancewear and accessories!
We have Discount Dancewear, Ballroom Dance Shoes, Ballet Slippers, Tap Shoes, Irish Dance,Jazz Shoes & Hip Hop Sneakers, Men's Dance Supplies, Leotards & Bodysuits from all the top name brands: Capezio, Bloch, Eurotard, Danshuz, Grishko, & More! Kids sizes and plus sizes!
Cheerleading, Ballroom Dancing, Belly Dancing, Gymnastics and Fitness Wear!



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We Make it Easy for You to Find What You are Looking For!

Let us help you find your ideal Dancewear and Accessories, Ballet Slippers, Pointe shoes, Tap shoes, Jazz tap shoes, Jazz shoes, Dance Sneakers and Cheerleading and Gymnastics supplies....all in one location! Great prices and customer service too!

Dancers' Outlet was established as a "brick and mortar" store in 1981 near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since that time, we have been creating our presence on the internet. Owned and managed by a "real dancer" and dance instructor with both a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree in dance performance, we at Dancers' Outlet feel that we know what you are looking for and how you like things to be organized!

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We even have supplies for the ballroom and latin dance crowd! Look under specialty items.

BTW...did you know?
Ballroom Dancing has never been hotter than it is now since Dancing with the Stars hit the air. Who knew that this show would be such a hit and that it would revive ballroom dancing the way that it has. Ballroom dancing is an enormously fun thing that you and your partner or a friend can do together. Ballroom dancing is a great way to spend some time together away from all of the normal everyday stress of life, that is what makes ballroom dancing such a fabulous thing to experience..

Anyone can study ballet; all you need is the discipline to learn, practice and persist. In today's world, our awareness of leading a good and healthy lifestyle has also lead many individuals to take up ballet dancing. The ballet barre, or warm-up exercises to the uninitiated, provide an individual with an intensive routine that gets all the muscles in your body warm and working. As well as excellent cardiovascular exercises, ballet helps develops strength and flexibility in all the major muscle groups of the body. The discipline of ballet develops strength, flexibility and appreciation for classical music.

DancersOutlet.com is a division of Dance & Gym USA® established 1981.


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